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1. The club shall be known as the EAST KENT RADIO SOCIETY.


2. The aims and object of the Society shall be to further the well-being of all aspects of amateur radio and associated electronics.


3. Membership shall be open, at the discretion of the committee, to all persons interested. The committee shall have the power to grant Honorary Membership.


4. The annual subscription shall be determined by the committee and is payable on or before 1st November each year.   An Extraordinary General Meeting or Annual General Meeting will be required to approve any increase in excess of 50% or a second increase within the same membership year (1st August to 31st July).


5. The Society's affairs shall be administered by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee, in whom the Society's property shall be vested, shall consist of the following:


5.1 A Chairman who will be responsible for conducting committee

meetings, A.G.M.s and E.G.M.s, and shall have a casting vote.


5.2 A Secretary who will be responsible for all Society correspondence and ensuring minutes of all committee meetings are recorded.


5.3 A Treasurer who shall present an audited balance sheet at the A.G.M. and shall be responsible for collection of membership subscriptions.


5.4 No more than seven ordinary members (excluding co-opted



6. The quorum for committee meetings shall be five.


7. The committee shall have the power to co-opt up to two members with full voting rights. Non-voting members may be co-opted at the committee's discretion.


8. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the first meeting in October each year. Any change shall be notified to members at least four weeks prior to the A.G.M.

The main business of the A.G.M. shall be:


8.1 Election of committee


8.2 Presentation of balance sheet and appointment of auditors.


8.3 Presentation of the minutes of the previous A.G.M.


8.4 Any other business.


All paid-up members attending the A.G.M. shall be allowed to vote. The quorum for an A.G.M. shall be 20% of paid-up members.


9. An Extraordinary General Meeting to agree changes to the constitution or the officers of the Society, may be called by the committee or 20% of paid-up members. Notice of an E.G.M. shall be given in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting. Motions shall be carried by a majority of at least two thirds of paid-up members present. The quorum for an E.G.M. shall be 25% of paid-up members.


10. Winding up of the Society shall be decided at an E.G.M. The assets of the Society, after settlement of all outstanding debts, shall be distributed equally among paid-up members, or handed over to a Society of similar interests as decided by a majority of at least two thirds of paid-up members present. If no such majority can be achieved those assets shall become the property of the Radio Society of Great Britain or its successor.


11.  Disputes.  In any dispute as to the interpretation of this constitution or any other matter appertaining to the Society, the decision of the committee shall be binding.


AGM 2015


Minutes of the AGM of EKRS held at Herne Mill, Herne


 Annual General Meeting Agends and Minutes


Monday 5th October 2015 @ the Mill, Herne 8.00pm


Members’ present: Karl Davies, Eileen Davies, Alan Perkins, George Miles, Erwin David, David Matheson, Bill Povey, Brian Bean, Nigel Harris, Richard Dunn.



Apologies for Absence: John Edwards, Esther David, Ted Hatch.


Chairman’s report


The minutes of last year’s AGM to be discussed and agreed (minutes on website).


The Minutes of both the last AGM, and the following EGM, when officers were elected, was presented to the meeting by the Chairman. George Miles proposed that they be accepted as a true record. Seconded by Brian Bean, and approved by all present. Copies can be obtained from the EKRS website.


a)    Chairman’s report – see separate report from the EKRS website.


b)    Secretary’s report – see separate report from the EKRS website.


c)    Treasurer’s report – The Chairman presented the Balance sheet to the meeting. The balance sheet had been audited by Mrs Julie Ireland.


Treasurer to explain the accounts: (Chairman in his absence explained the accounts)


Current balance is £866.69 compared with £877.73 last year. We made £137.50 from subscriptions this year, £26.25 from the club sale and £35 from functions. Outgoings included £47 RSGB Affiliation, £53.3 for the website and £110.00 for hall hire. Funds are stable at present.


Accounts must be proposed as being correct:


a)    Proposed by: Eileen Davies


b)    Seconded by: Bill Povey


c)    Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed


Any Other Business


1.    Alan Perkins suggested the AGM date be changed to November. Karl Davies pointed out that October was actually embedded in the constitution and any changes to the constitution would have to be agreed at a subsequently agreed EGM.


2.    George Miles asked all members to support the club, come along to ll meetings, offer to do presentations etc.


3.    Alan Perkins suggested emailing he members a week or so before a meeting and asking for a reply to identify members attendance, especially if external speakers were involved.


4.    Nigel Harris suggested non-members be charged say a £1 for entry to meetings.


5.    Alan Perkins suggested a bottle of wine raffle at the club used equipment sale to raise funds.


6.    George Miles asked if anyone would take over the Wednesday night Net if he was absent.  


Election of Officers




Nominations: Alan Perkins


Proposed: George Miles


Seconded: David Matheson


Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed by all present




Nominations: Eileen Davies


Proposed: Alan Perkins


Seconded: Bill Povey


Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed by all present




Nominations: John Edwards


Proposed: Karl Davies


Seconded: Eileen Davies


Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed by all present




Nominations: Julie Ireland


Proposed: Eileen Davies


Seconded: Karl Davies


Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed by all present


Election of Committee members


Present Committee Members: Alan Perkins, Bill Povey, David Matheson, Brian Bean


{No more than seven ordinary members (excluding co-opted members).




Nominations for Committee: Bill Povey, David Matheson, Brian Bean, Karl Davies.


Proposed: George Miles


Seconded: Eileen Davies


Vote by those present: Unanimously agreed by all present


Coffee break


Construction contest - Nominate judges and allow them time to examine entries


Judges: George Miles and Erwin David


Construction Contest


Results of the construction contest are:


Simple construction winner: Bill Povey for his 40m, 1 watt Morse transceiver


Complicated construction winner: Brian Bean for his 80m and top band CW and AM transceiver.




Christmas Dinner


It has been suggested that we again have our Dinner in the New Year, possibly in March when Dennis Goodwin is over from France.




The meeting closed at 9:10 pm


Chairman’s Report – Karl Davies


1.     We have had a busy calendar over the year with many and varied events, approximately 18 in all.


2.     We did not run Mills on the Air due to lack of support for the event. Stellling Minnis events had 2 and 3 people attending respectively.


3.     The club sale was also a reasonably successful event raising £26.25.

4.     We had the usual ICOM visit, BBQ, Cheese and Wine, Mince pie Celebration of Christmas and Evening meal at the Golden Lion in March. Some members prefer a ‘late Christmas dinner event’.


5.     Presentations included ‘QRP Operating by Bob 2E0ATZ’, Air traffic control by PJ Wellspring’, and ‘Understanding HF Propagation, an RSGB DVD suggested by George G3NIR’.


6.     We still offer ‘on demand Foundation and intermediate courses’ this is of course on-going although we have had no interest really this year.


7.     The RSGB are being sent our calendar of events. These are also being advertised on our own website.


8.     Herne Mill have not requested a rental increase yet this year!


9.     Club attendance averaging about 8 members per meeting



10.  Over the year we had approximately 18 events


7      Radio related


   9   Social or other subjects – Mince pie and Celebration of Christmas, Christmas   dinner, BBQ, Cheese and Wine etc.


 2       Special events, Stelling Minnis – no members attend. It is an opportunity to involve partners, so some mobile operation and have a chat.


8       We do have another busy and varied year planned for the coming year. Please see the Calendar on the club website. There are gaps, so if you are willing to do a presentation on other activity, please let your Chairman/Secretary know.


9      Date bookings for the period January to December 2016 have not yet been forwarded to  Herne Mill (although a planned skeletal calendar  has been organised – see the website for details)


10    Our Treasurer, John will inform us of current club funds levels (£866.69)...


I still believe we should hold our funds at around £1500.00. This remains my recommendation to the club.





Calendar of Events 2016



4 January - Gadget Night - bring along your Christmas gadgets


8 February – Build an Antenna for 2m or 70cm or 4m and/or HF Operating Evening

17 February – Evening Meal at the Golden Lion Inn 7.00pm for 7.30pm


21 February - Rainham Rally TBC

13 March – Dover Radio Rally TBC


21 March Club Used Equipment Sale - MC = Ian G3ROO


17 April Kempton Park Rally TBC



18 April –


7/8 May Windmills on the Air and Picnic at the Mill TBC


9 May Cheese and Wine


6 June – Committee Meeting and Natter Night


26 June - Stelling Minnis meeting and picnic


10 July - BBQ at Barbara’s 1730 ish


August no meetings


12 September - Holiday Photos


18 September - Stelling Minnis meeting and picnic


3 October - AGM and Construction contest


6 November - Kempton Park Rally - TBC


21 November Visit by Icom – Chris Ridley and John Turner


12 December - Mince Pie Annual Social Christmas event

AGM Agenda October 2015
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Chairman's Report 2015
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AGM Minutes 5 Oct 2015
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