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Here are a few useful links - We are always pleased to hear of more, should you like to suggest them.



Clubs and Societies etc.




Dover Amateur Radio Club


Kent Repeater Group


Hilderstone Radio Club


The Radio Society of Great Britain


Karl Davies Website


Other Clubs around the UK and the world (there are a lot of them!)


Hastings Electronics and Radio Club


Ham Radio Software:-


MMSSTV  an excellent SSTV program - generally considered to be the best, and its FREE!

MMTTY    and an  RTTY program from the same author as above


Winlog32   an excellent free logging program now improved and much more user friendly


Eqso       a client / server software program designed by Amateur Radio enthusiasts for linking Amateur Radio RF gateways and repeaters via the Internet.


EchoLink   Similar, for world wide ham radio over the internet.


Isstv         For worldwde sstv.


Digipan     The ideal program for PSK31 digital transmission


Dx Atlas    A good world map showing call areas and lots more


CW Get    An excellent Morse reader, also CWType on the same website


Google    In our opinion, the best search engine


WxtoImg  The best weather decoding satellite software I know of. 


            Its worth subscribing as this gives lots more features



Please email me with any other sites you think may be useful to others




A 14 foot square Antenna for HF bands



Take a 57 foot length of antenna wire and place an insulator on one end.


Now put 4 insulators loosely on the wire do not secure them.  Secure the wire


at 56 feet in length to the first insulator.  Now arrange the 4 loose insulators


around the antenna at 14 feet intervals, these will be used to secure the antenna


when erected.


    Now take a length of 300 ohm feeder, either home made open wire or commercially made ribbon feeder, secure the feeder to the antenna at the fixed


insulator, making sure that the connection is well and truly water tight if


you use ribbon feeder.


   To erect, you can use it either in a horizontal or vertical configuration, but you must remember if used vertically, the direction of fire will be through the antenna, so you need to know your garden orientation with regard to North.


   Take the other end of the feeder and fix to a balanced ATU such as a Z match


or one that has balanced feed points.   Hoist the antenna as high as is possible


and tune.  This should cover 20 metres up to 10 metres.  Though the size is that


of a 18 mHz antenna.  See picture below.


Other antennas:-


arrow satellite aerial        Microdup_board_layout.pdf


compact 160m antenna


A coaxial magnetic loop for 7MHz


dual band cable antenna


more to follow soon

Arrow Satellite Aerial
Microsoft Word document [178.0 KB]
Microdup board layout for arrow aerial
Adobe Acrobat document [61.9 KB]
Compact 160m Antenna
Microsoft Word document [28.5 KB]
Coaxial 7m Magnetic Loop
Adobe Acrobat document [3.8 MB]
Dual Band cable antenna
Microsoft Word document [213.3 KB]

Possible Club Project MKARS80 Kit - 80 metre SSB Tranceiver



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